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The Vision For Life Podcast is an ongoing conversation between the pastors of Fellowship Denver and the church at large. Each week, we discuss a subject that you’ve requested - questions about life, faith, the Bible, and how to follow Jesus in our world beyond Sunday. While the teaching of God’s word in our Sunday morning sermons is foundational, we also want to have a forum where we can do Q&A and talk about other subjects that are on people’s mind.

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A few times a year we offer Vision For Life Classes, an extended time for our church body to deep dive a subject and explore the theology behind it and its implications in our everyday life. 

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Abortion is a contentious issue that rips apart our social fabric. All people who follow Christ must learn to engage with it as a disciple of Jesus.

This VFL is dedicated to understanding the historic Christian response to the practice of abortion. Unique Christian responses to abortion have always made the church stand out among broader cultural beliefs and methods of abortion. We will assume that people in this class will hold various positions on the topic while also endeavoring to clearly show the biblical and theological convictions that have made Christians different from their neighbors for generations.

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