Worship and Arts

Open worship auditions for anyone interested in serving with us in 2022. If you have a musical gift and want to help us lead the church in worship we would love to have you audition with us! We are looking for all types of musicians from vocalists to orchestral, keys, guitar, and everything in between. If you are planning on being part of our North Metro launch team and would like to serve in music we would welcome you to audition with us this fall as well.    Want to audition or need more info?  Email Adam!
At Fellowship Denver we believe God to be the creator and redeemer of all things. He is the first artist, and the first to declare anything good. We see this pattern of creation and redemption magnified most fully in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is because of this belief that we see God's glory to be art's highest goal.

As Christians, we want to be the first to celebrate creative works of beauty and excellence whether they are for the individual, church, or the city in which we live.


Our services are led by bands that have their own musical identities, style, and sound. Together they write, record, practice, and lead the church throughout the year.