Our Story

How it all started...


The seed idea for Fellowship Denver is planted by God, unknown to any of the participants. Hunter Beaumont spends four summers working on a business consulting project in central Denver and becomes convinced that churches are needed in the city – especially churches that will combine a deep love for the original gospel with a willingness to engage people where they are. Meanwhile, Dave and Renee Morlan also begin pondering the idea of planting a church.

Spring 2003
Four friends – Hunter Beaumont, Eric Taylor, Dave and Renee Morlan – are having dinner when the Morlans pitch their church plant idea. Hunter says he knows the perfect place (central Denver). This is just the right mix of vision and naïve optimism.

Spring 2003 – Summer 2005
The four friends scatter with plans to reconvene in Denver in Summer/Fall 2005. During this time, partnerships develop with Fellowship Associates and the Acts 29 Network.

Summer/Fall 2005
They do reconvene in Denver and begin laying the groundwork for a potential church – networking, meeting, listening, praying, learning, hosting, and talking with anyone who will give them time. This includes several open forums in coffee shops and bars on Jesus and The Story of Scripture.

September 2006
After 15 months of hard work, they’ve gathered 30 people who want to help start a church. They hold their first public gathering on September 16, 2006 at Space Gallery on Santa Fe. The first year proves to be “small and awkward,” but toward the end of that year, the church begins growing steadily.

September 2007
Sunday worship services are moved to Colorado History Museum to accommodate the church’s growth.

March 2009
Sunday worship services are moved to 1770 Sherman Street to accommodate the church’s growth.

January 2018
Sunday worship services moved to 1990 South Broadway with the completion of FDC's permanent building project.  

August 2022
We launched our second congregation at Arvada High School to serve the North Metro communities of Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield and Thornton. The new congregation started by sending out 150 adults and children, and was the outgrowth of a growing network of Fellowship Groups in the North Metro communities.

Fellowship Denver is a healthy and growing church with two congregations. As “one church in two congregations,” we share a name, beliefs, mission and collaborative leadership while expressing our life in two parts of the Denver Metro Area. Each congregation is served by a dedicated pastoral team and has a growing network of Fellowship Groups. The whole church works together to serve our city, send people on mission, and equip the next generation of disciples of Jesus in Denver.