Politics - Class 4 | Trends In American Politics

Oct 12, 2020    Hunter Beaumont

We conclude our class on Politics by looking at big trends that are shaping American politics right now and asking: How does the gospel of Jesus speak in a unique way to these tensions? First, we see that America was founded on principles of liberty, protected by the rule of law (aka "classical liberalism"). Today, the stability of this liberal order is being stressed by illiberal forces on both the right and left–a resurgent nationalism (right) and a lack of confidence in liberalism to produce social justice (left). Then, we learn that this is happening at the same time that America is becoming more secular and politics is functioning as a replacement religion.

Presentation: https://storage.snappages.site/GCSXWC/assets/files/Politics-4-Trends-In-American-Politics-56.pdf