Fellowship Groups

Discipleship Tools (D-Tools) are designed to help us engage in meaningful conversations about important topics! Most of them are created along with the current sermon series to enable the entire church to process in groups what we are learning on Sundays. Look through and join us!

Discipleship Tools are published by 5pm on Sundays 

Family Tools

want to go deeper with your family?

A word to parents
The transformative effect of the Holy Spirit in a life is evident in both word + deed. Your life lived as a testament to God’s faithfulness is a powerful - perhaps the most powerful - witness you have toward your children. However, the substance of faith must also be taught. Word + deed.

The most fruitful conversations with our children are often generated in the course of day-to-day life lived together. And the most potent shaping mechanisms are often those that become habits, ingrained in our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms. Our hope is that you, as a parent, are experiencing the redemptive power of the gospel in your own life. Share what you are learning and experiencing with your children in the moments afforded you in your day-to-day life! Pray together over your child’s day at breakfast. Work on a memory verse together while driving to soccer practice.

Next, set aside 15-20 minutes once a week for your family to learn and grow together in the gospel. Every Wednesday over family dinner. Every Saturday at breakfast. Every Sunday at bedtime. Make it yours. Whenever it is, whatever it looks like, making space for the Word to be clearly present in your home can become a beautiful habit that shapes your family and expresses itself in deed.

These family d-tools can be adjusted based on the age of your children. Have younger kids? Team up for family games! Ask the questions in a way that engages them. Read the Bible passage out of the NiRV or the NLT. Have older kids? Encourage them to read the Bible passage. Scale the questions to their interest. 
Here are a few resources to help your family study God's Word