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Right now, we have limited live worship services (find out more here) and are livestreaming each Sunday at 10 am HERE.

To get connected to us and hear back from one of our staff members, text "FDCINFO" to 94000

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how to belong

There are two main ways we encourage people to connect in our church:

DNA Groups

DNA Groups are for anyone who is new-ish to Fellowship Denver and wants to explore questions like: Why do we talk about "the gospel" so much? And what is the gospel exactly? Why do we study the Bible and how can we trust it? How does Fellowship Denver "do church"? DNA groups meet for 6 weeks at a time. Get more info here

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups are medium-sized communities that meet weekly in homes throughout the city of Denver, allowing you to get to know people in our church better than you would on a large Sunday gathering. The community of a Fellowship Group is in some ways very typical of other social gatherings in Denver. However, it is an exceptional community in that it is deeply impacted and shaped by the Gospel. For more information or to join a group, click here.

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