April 24th, 2022
"THE UNSTOPPABLE POWER OF JESUS" | MARK 4:35-5:30 WARM-UPOur city's worldview often collides with God’s - who is authoritative and gives us specific ways to live as we surrender to him.  What about th...  Read More
Responding to a King - Mark 11:1-11
April 10th, 2022
RESPONDING TO A KING | MARK 11:1-11 WARM-UPHave you ever been in a social situation where you didn’t know how to act? What to wear? What to say? What the rules of etiquette were? Share with your group...  Read More
Doing the Stuff | 1 Peter 3: 1-17
April 7th, 2022
DOING THE STUFF | GOSPEL-CENTERED NEIGHBORING WORDBIG IDEAPeter points out that our lives can spark an interest in others, which provides an opportunity for us to talk about “our hope.”The way we live...  Read More
The Ultimate Reality According To Jesus - Mark 4:21-34
April 7th, 2022
"THE ULTIMATE REALITY ACCORDING TO JESUS" | MARK 4:21-34 WARM-UPWhat realities direct your day-to-day life? (e.g. gravity, job, relationships, etc.) What would happen if you lived as if they didn’t ex...  Read More
The Garden of Jesus - Mark 4:1-20
March 27th, 2022
"THE GARDEN OF JESUS" | MARK 4:1-20 WARM-UPThe sermon mentioned a few caricatures of Jesus that our nation, culture, or news cycles present to us.  All of these are distortions of The Original Jesus. ...  Read More
Paul’s Contextualization in His Speeches | Acts 13-17
March 27th, 2022
PAUL'S CONTEXTUALIZATION IN HIS SPEECHES | GOSPEL-CENTERED NEIGHBORING WORDBIG IDEAPaul has mastered the idea of what we call “contextualization.” Contextualization is giving the people the Bible’s an...  Read More
The Power of Jesus - Mark 3:7-35
March 21st, 2022
"THE POWER OF JESUS" | MARK 3:7-35 WARM-UPHave you ever had an experience where you sensed the presence and activity of invisible spiritual forces of darkness? What was that experience, and how did it...  Read More
The Distinction of Jesus - Mark 2:13-3:6
March 14th, 2022
"The Distinction of Jesus" | MARK 2:13-3:6 WARM-UPThe culture we grow up in powerfully affects our attitude towards behavior we deem as “normal” or “abnormal.” If you grew up with a big family that en...  Read More
The Authority of Jesus - Mark 2:1-12
March 7th, 2022
"THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS" | MARK 2:1-12 WARM-UPIf somebody asked you to define the word “authority,” what would you say?Think about your own life, as well as the world we live in, and share some concre...  Read More
Our Life as a Missionary | John 17:13-19
March 6th, 2022
THE HIGH PRIESTLY PRAYER - OUR LIFE AS A MISSIONARY | GOSPEL-CENTERED NEIGHBORING WORDBIG IDEAJesus is addressing two tensions here. 1) Christians tend to withdraw from their culture and create a clos...  Read More
Gospel Intentionality | Romans 10:13-17
March 6th, 2022
GOSPEL-CENTERED NEIGHBORING | GOSPEL INTENTIONALITY WORDBIG IDEAThe mission of making disciples requires gospel intentionality.Many people struggle to evangelize because evangelism feels like an add-o...  Read More
The Movement of Jesus - Mark 1:16-45
February 22nd, 2022
"THE MOVEMENT OF JESUS" | MARK 1:16-45 WARM-UPHow do you imagine the people you find yourself organically surrounded by (neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc.) would answer, “What is the meaning of ...  Read More

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