Episode 51 | VFL Sermon Discussion: Prioritize Public Faith

Aug 25, 2021    Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont
In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus compares his followers to a lamp. A lamp's very nature, its intended purpose, is to give off light. That is why, Jesus adds, people put a lamp on a stand; there it will give light to all in the house. He continues with an admonition to those listening to "let your light shine before others." In the same breath, Jesus acknowledges the temptation to hide, which he compares to putting a lamp under a basket.

Based on this teaching, Hunter describes public faith as a willingness to identify as a follower of Jesus and a commitment to good works that serve others. We grow in these good works, a public display of our faith that directs attention to God, by knowing our story, practicing hospitality, doing our work with excellence, caring for the poor and vulnerable, and sharing our church.