Episode 49 | VFL Sermon Discussion: Prioritize Gathered Worship & The Next Generation

Aug 11, 2021    Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont, Dave Morlan
The church is called, not to fit in with it's surrounding culture, nor to go to war with it, but to lovingly challenge it. Followers of Jesus - the church - challenge culture in love through a biblically distinctive posture, practices, and priorities. Our current sermon series considers some of the church's distinctive priorities, namely gathered worship and investing in the next generation.

Putting these priorities into place in our lives often brings us to decision points that require deciding between two good options, or between what is good and what is best. What are the practical implications of setting aside time every week for gathered worship? What does investing in another life visa vie sharing the gospel require? And what if this is all harder than it sounds? Dave, Hunter, and Autumn respond to these questions in a candid discussion.