Episode 52 | VFL Reads: The Six-Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism

Sep 1, 2021    Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont, Dave Morlan
Introducing a new podcast feature, "VFL Reads," where we read and discuss an article or book that helps us think about following Jesus in our world.

This week, Autumn, Hunter and Dave discuss "The Six Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism" by Michael Graham, published at mereorthodoxy.com (link below)

"Evangelicalism" is a movement that emerged in the 1940's, differentiated from both "modernism" and "fundamentalism," and grew to become the most influential Christian stream in America (this history is discussed in the conversation). For better or worse, our experience of Christianity in America is influenced by the ups and downs of evangelicalism, even if we wouldn't identify as "evangelical." Today, this movement is fracturing due to cultural pressures and differences of opinion in how to respond. That fracturing means that many Americans experience Christianity as filled with arguments, controversies, disappointments, and disagreements - even among those who believe the same gospel and follow the same Jesus.

In this episode, we discuss this fracturing using Graham's categories and how we can faithfully and joyfully follow Jesus in an age of fragmentation.