1 Peter 4:7-11

1 Peter 4:7-11



In recent years, National Geographic has produced a show entitled “Doomsday Preppers.” A prepper believes that a catastrophic event that could end civilization will likely occur in our lifetime. Therefore, preppers spend their time acquiring the skills and supplies needed to survive the possible end of the world. If you knew the world was about to end, how would that change how you live? What precisely would you do?


Read 1 Peter 4:7-11 aloud.


  • In verse 7, Peter tells his readers that the end of all things is near. By this, he means that Jesus has inaugurated the final age of human history and will soon return to judge the world in righteousness. In light of the imminent end of all things, what four exhortations does Peter give his readers? What do you think about this response to the end of the world?

  • The first response to the “end of all things” is sober-mindedness and self-control. 
    • Why are these characteristics so vital for the family of God in the last days? 
    • How do these relate to prayer?
    • Where do you most struggle with sober-mindedness and self-control?

  • The second response to the “end of all things” is in verse 8: love one another. 
    • What do the words “above all” communicate about the importance of love?
    • What does Peter say love does? And why might this function of love be so important for the family of God?
    • Have you ever experienced the love of another Christian that covered a multitude of your sins? Share about that experience.

  • The third response to the “end of all things” is found in verse 9: show hospitality to one another. 
    • Why do you think showing hospitality to other Christians is an appropriate response to the end of the world?
    • Why do you think Peter adds “without grumbling?”
    • What are some concrete ways your group can demonstrate deeper hospitality toward one another?

  • The final response to the “end of all things” is in verses 10-11: serve one another.
    • How have you experienced being served by your fellowship group? What did this mean to you?
    • Why do you think serving one another is such a vital way we live in the last days?
    • How can your group deepen a culture of serving one another as Christ has served you?


Close your time in prayer.