Mark 10:17-31

Mark 10:17-31



In today's passage, Jesus describes the church as a family. What do you think it means to call the church a family?


Read Mark 10:17-31 aloud.


  • In this passage, a very wealthy and devout Jewish man comes and kneels before Jesus, asking what he must do to inherit eternal life. Though not perfect, he has been a faithful and law-keeping Jew. Jesus commends the man for his devout life but tells him that if he wants to follow him, he will have to sell everything he has, give it to the poor, and follow Jesus empty-handed. Unfortunately, the man is unwilling.
    • Why do you think Jesus tells the man he must sell everything to follow him? 
    • Why might this requirement not apply to everyone wanting to follow Jesus?
    • What does the man’s refusal to sell everything tell us about his view of the value of money versus the value of being part of Christ’s kingdom?
  • Following this incident, Jesus says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. In other words, it is impossible! In these words, Jesus is not saying that no wealthy person can be saved; instead, the title “rich person” is a synonym for someone who places all of their hope in money instead of in God. Someone like that can't enter God’s kingdom because they worship and trust in money instead of God. Read the following verses. How do these deepen our understanding of the particular dangers of wealth?
    • Matthew 6:22-24
    • Matthew 13:22
    • 1 Timothy 6:6-10
  • After warning of the dangers of wealth, Peter reminds Jesus that the disciples, unlike the rich man, have left everything and followed him. In these words, Peter no doubt highlights the great sacrifice they have made. Read verses 28-31. In what specific ways does Jesus show Peter that he and the disciples have actually gained infinitely more than they have sacrificed?


  • This story highlights the power of idolatry. An idol is anything we ultimately look to instead of God for life, security, significance, safety, or meaning. For the man in our story, his idol was money. Money made him feel significant and secure. But Jesus told him he had to eliminate that idol and find his significance and security in God alone.
    • What are some of the common idols that make people feel significant or secure?
    • In your own life, what idol have you had to get rid of to trust in and follow Jesus fully? 
    • Or, if you are not yet a Christian, what idol do you think is making it hard for you to follow Jesus?
  • This story also highlights the supremacy of life with God. Our idols promise us life but ultimately deliver only fleeting pleasures. Jesus, on the other hand, promises us an eternal kingdom, a new family, and eternal life with him. 
    • How have you personally experienced the church as a family?
    • In what ways can your Fellowship Group press more deeply into living as the Family of God this Spring?


Close in prayer.