Staff work alongside the pastors to carry out the day-to-day business of the church and lead weekly worship. We are thankful to have several staff members who faithfully serve Fellowship Denver

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Our Interns work alongside staff and pastors to serve ministries in areas of needed growth. We are grateful to have so many dedicated interns that are committed to helping us serve the church.

Dani  Brian  JordanTim  Kori


In the New Testament, deacon means "servant." Deacons lead and oversee areas of service within the church and for the city.

Abigail  Paul  Kimiko Jill  Meredith  Miles  


Elders lead the church through teaching, preaching, evangelism, prayer, personal care, leadership development, oversight, and strategic planning. They can either be full-time staff of the church or employed in a regular vocation. Either way, they work together to lead and shepherd the church.

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