In October 2019, Fellowship Denver embarked on our biggest adventure yet. We trusted God to do a work both IN and THROUGH us as we learned the discipline of generosity. We call this season "First to the Lord."

We now find ourselves at the midpoint of this 2-year discipleship journey.  God’s work IN and THROUGH us has only just begun.  With that, we don’t want to become complacent about our progress or stop listening to Him.  And we want to PRAY BOLDLY and GIVE BOLDLY for the season ahead.
For 5 weeks this Fall, we’re going to look at 5 events in the early Jesus movement that changed the course of history.  We’re calling this series WATERSHED.  Just like the Continental Divide changes the direction water flows, these 5 events were watershed events because they changed the course of history.  In fact – we are still living in the new era and the new possibilities these events opened up.  They are not just cool things that happened way back in history.  They are “living events” and God can and does still do things like this today.
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We invite you to make a generosity commitment to First to the Lord, as a way to reflect what he is doing both IN and THROUGH you.
Please view the worksheet and gift chart resources, and you can make your commitment here online in the form below.

Thank you for your faith and generosity!

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First to the lord stories

First to the Lord is both a personal and communal journey. By hearing others' stories we are often spurred on to trust God in even more ways. Here are some stories about what God is doing IN and THROUGH our church: