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rebuild, renew: Call for Art

The aim of our year long sermon series, “Rebuild, Renew:” is to help our church reconnect their lives to the foundational aspects of our faith. In an effort to continue this work and to help root these themes, we would like to invite everyone in our church to share what they’ve been learning and how they’ve been growing this year through artistic expression.

We believe that “God’s glory is art’s highest goal” and what better way to express our gratitude towards God than to create a piece of artwork that honor’s the work He is doing in us. When we create a piece of artwork we are taking part in acknowledging that all creation comes from God and creating is itself a gift from God. He was the first artist and the first to declare anything good. So, no matter where you are at or how you are processing this sermon series, we want to hear from you!  

This will be an open call fine art show, where everyone who submits work will have it shown in the gallery. 

Ages: All ages

What Kind Of Art? Anything! A painting, photograph, sculpture, a writing piece, pencil sketch, etching, water color, etc. If you have questions or concerns about the type or kind of work, feel free to reach out.    

Size: Any size! We are providing 12 x16 art paper to all FDC students. We will hang all submitted 12x16 art pieces in frames provided by FDC. All other works need to be submitted with a wire mounted on the back.

Supplies: Canvases will be provided upon request. Email Adam to reserve your canvas to be picked up from FDC offices.

Where to submit? All work can be left in FDC offices. Please leave a note with your work with your name, title, and artwork description that would be helpful to the viewer.
artwork by Adam Anglin


Monday June 14th: 9am - 12pm & Wednesday June 16th: 9am - 12pm

This will be a time for people to come up to the building to create their work. We will provide canvases, paint, and brushes for everyone who wants to attend. We will also have staff and volunteers on hand to help people think through their piece or get help with executing their idea.

Register for a workshop day here

A place for artists

Gallery at Fellowship Denver Church exists to share the work of artists with our church and city.

Our hope is two fold - 1) We want to be a place where artists can come and belong. We want our space to communicate this and be an encouragement to artists in our city who have never experienced the church to be “for them”.  2.) We desire to grow appreciation for the arts through sharing fine art installations in a space that invites conversation and community.

Many today feel as though the Church supporting artists is a relic of a time long ago. We, however, feel compelled to come along side those who see “God’s glory as arts highest goal” and celebrate these creative works as a central expression of the church in a thriving city.

You can learn more about our mission and current art shows by visiting our website.