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Last Fall our entire church family participated in a season that we called "First to the Lord," in which we examined the state of our own hearts and our own church family through the story of the church in Corinth who Paul challenged in the area of generosity. During First to the Lord we all - via a sermon series, in fellowship groups, in student & kids ministry - asked "What does God want to do in and through us?"
On Sunday October 18th we’re starting a new sermon series called Watershed that will recall the themes woven through First to the Lord. But it’s more than a routine sermon series. It’s part of a larger focus on seeking the Lord’s presence and provision for our future as a church. During this season we'll spend five weeks looking into the book of Acts and examining how God generously poured out his Spirit into the hearts of the early family and what resulted from that generous act.
Kids and Students will be studying Acts alongside the rest of our church family. Here's an overview of what "Watershed" holds for Fellowship Denver Kids.
Kids overview

God Makes a New Family, Acts 1-2
Jesus' friends and helpers who had learned about him and from him waited
in Jerusalem. They were a bit scared. You might even say they were hiding. They missed
Jesus, and he had given them a big job that they didn't quite know how to do. As they
waited they prayed. Some of them started remembering. They remembered that, from
the beginning, God had been working out his Rescue Plan. They remembered that Jesus
was THE WAY to save God's people, mend God's family, and rebuild God's kingdom.
Suddenly, a strong wind filled the house where Jesus' friends were gathered. It
swept in through the doorway and swished the robes of the people in the room. And
there - on everyone's heads, lighting up each face, were what looked like flames. This
fire didn't hurt or burn. And this fire, instead of separating God's presence from the
people, was bringing God's presence right to every one of them. Instead of keeping
them out of God's kingdom, this fire was bringing God's kingdom to them.

The fire that didn't hurt or burn began warming them. They weren't afraid anymore!
Their hearts weren't broken anymore! In fact, it felt as if their hearts were brand new.
Somehow, someway, Jesus was making his home in them. Right in their hearts. And,
suddenly, they knew just how to do the very big job that Jesus had given them.  
They left the house, spilling out onto the street, and began speaking, telling
everyone who would listen, about God's Rescue Plan. Peter said in a loud voice, "Jesus
died for you because he loves you! But God made him alive again. Jesus is THE WAY
that you can be saved, your heart can be mended, and you can join God's forever-family
to live with Jesus in his kingdom!"

Another miraculous thing happened. Every person who listened to Peter's message
understood, even if they spoke a different language! Many people listened. They
stopped going their own way. They admitted they did not know best. They believed
that Jesus was THE WAY. And the Holy Spirit filled every heart, making it new, guiding,
helping, giving courage and power. Making a home.
God's family grew, and grew, and grew. Soon God's family included girls and boys
and aunties and grandpas and moms of all different heights and sizes and skin colors,
to be - together - God's new family. This old-and-now-new-again family would
represent God to the world by learning about him, from him, and caring for his world
with him, in wisdom and love.

This Week's Big Idea: God generously gives his Spirit to his people.

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