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Acts chapter 10 tells us the story of a man named Cornelius, who lived in the city of Caesarea at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Cornelius was a Roman soldier, called a Centurion. The Jewish people usually hated soldiers like Cornelius because they made life difficult for the Jews. One day, Cornelius saw an angel! The angel told Cornelius to call for a man named Peter. Peter, who was a Jew, would NEVER have entered the home of a Roman soldier if this were any-old-ordinary day.

But this was not any-old-ordinary day. While the Angel was giving a message to Cornelius, God was giving a message to Peter. God showed Peter a bunch of animals that Jewish people were not supposed to ever eat, and then God said to Peter, “Eat these.” Peter was shocked. He said, “I’ve never ever eaten anything you said was not clean to eat!” Then God said, “These are not unclean anymore. I have welcomed them.” And that was it! So strange. Did God want Peter to change his diet, to start eating more animals? No! The message was a picture that God was using to teach Peter about God’s Big Rescue Plan. Before God’s message, Peter would have thought that the Romans would never be a part of God’s family. God gave Peter the message to help him understand that Cornelius and his family and friends could be welcomed into the family.

And so, Peter decided to go to Cornelius’ home to tell everyone gathered there about Jesus. And guess what! The Holy Spirit showed up again, just like he did in Jerusalem! But this time, the Spirit was coming to make a home, not in Jewish men, women, and children, but in the hearts of Roman men, women, and children. God’s family was growing to include people from more nations.

We are learning, through the story of Acts, that God generously gives us good things. God gave us life, he gave us his son, made us part of his family, and gave us the Good News of the gospel! He gave the Good News of the gospel to all people, everywhere! He’s given us so much, and we can share what he’s given us!

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