Ryan Ramsey



I work in the Pastoral Care Department under Dave Morlan as both a coordinator of pastoral care for our church as well as a pastoral counselor. I function as a point of contact at Fellowship Denver when pastoral care needs arise, so I either connect people to the proper care or meet with them myself.


My wife Katie Jo and I got married on June 5, 2010. No kids yet, but we are always on-the-move with our two dogs!


Fayetteville, NC

Education & Experience

I graduated from Covenant College with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. My concentrations were Biblical Studies, Education, and Youth Ministry. I am a seminary [transfer] student at Denver Seminary. My ministry experience includes youth internships with a couple churches, residence life at Covenant College (RA and Assistant Resident Director), serving as an elder at previous church in Chattanooga, TN, occasional preaching, and more volunteer opportunities like leading small groups, accountability groups, and mentoring.

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