Fellowship Group Catalog

How to join a Fellowship Group: 

  1. Read about the groups below and find one that's a good match! 
  2. Sign up for a group by clicking on the group name (in red) and filling out your contact information on the next page. 
  3. After signing up, you’ll receive confirmation! Some of the groups have limited space, so sign up early. 
  4. If you're having trouble finding or deciding on a group or want more information, please email our Fellowship Groups Director, Josh Allen.



When: Tuesday, 7pm
Where: Ralston & Rensselaer
Children: Yes 
Leaders: Drew & Holly Eakins
Group Bio: Our group is a mixed bag of married couples, couples with children, and singles-those who are still checking out Christianity and those who have been Christians for many years. As a group, we encourage open dialogue and not shying away from the hard questions. A large portion of our group is passionate about the outdoors – climbing, skiing, biking, and running just to name a few! We also have some Star Wars and Harry Potter fans too! We love spending time together at local breweries and are always open to board game nights.



When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Where: Federal & Alameda
Children: Yes
Leaders: Jesse & Michelle Cowan
Group Bio: We are a young, energetic community focusing on applying God’s Word to our daily lives. We believe God’s character is most deeply revealed to us through studying Scripture as the Holy Spirit uses it to convict and conform us into the image of Christ. We have some families with babies (or who are expecting babies soon); so this is an exciting time of growth and change for our group!



When: Tuesdays, 6:15pm
Where: 6th & Peoria
Children: Yes
Leaders: Hillary Lum & Ryan Day
Group Bio: The goal of our group is to be welcoming and open to all! Whether a visitor, joining for a season, or putting down roots, we welcome each new member with open arms. We enjoy connecting well over good food, great conversations, and thoughtful discussions of the Gospel. We’re a mixed group of folks in different life stages, aiming to support each other well during life transitions, especially school, jobs, and growing our families.



When: Mondays, 6:30pm. Our first official meeting for the semester will be August 28.
Where: 38th & Xavier
Children: Yes
Leaders: Zach & Ellie Johnson, Landon & Naomi Tucker
Group Bio: Our group's goals are to serve and support each other and help one another grow in our relationship with God. This includes learning about God's Word, BBQ's, happy hours, helping each other move, camping excursions, and the list goes on. Our desire is to be a community who embraces vulnerability, and who grows and matures together. We also desire to reach out to our community in meaningful ways. We’re a group of singles, dating couples, married couples, and couples with children; however, we’d love to diversify and welcome all stages of life.



When: Wednesdays, 7pm 
Where: University & Exposition
Children: Yes
Leaders: Evan & Ashley White, Nick & Ruth Lightner
Group Bio: We’ve lived in Denver for about four years and enjoy building community and friendships, especially through Fellowship Denver Church. We are both teachers and have a four-month-old daughter named Jane. In community, we are focused on loving and serving those around us and on seeking God in His Word. We desire to see the Gospel spread in our neighborhood, bringing life and freedom to people and glory to God. Open to anyone!



When: Wednesdays, 7pm (Our first meeting is Wednesday, September 6!)
Where: 11th & Sherman
Children: No 
Leaders: Thomas & Daniela Carey
Group Bio: We’re a relatively new group that’s still shaping its identity, and we’d love for you to be a part of that. We love spending time together and engaging our community. We want to be a stable presence in Capitol Hill that displays the Gospel through service and relationships, while growing deeper in our relationships with one another.



When: Alternating Fridays, 6:30-7:30am (first meeting is Sept. 15!)
Where: The Denver Diner, Speer & Colfax
Children: No
Leaders: Judd Connell
Group Bio: Many men in the church have walked with the Lord for years but would not feel comfortable or equipped to mentor a young person in Bible, doctrine, systematic theology, or Church history. The men's group plans to work to change that. Starting this fall, and over the next couple semesters, we will be taking a brief look at each of these important topics. Join us in September as we delve into our first study, Church history. Literature: Sketches from Church History, S. M. Houghton.



When: Mondays, 6:30pm
Where: 6th & Cook
Children: No
Leaders: D’Lea Martens, Meg Todd
Group Bio: We are a small multi-generational group of women learning to lean into God’s Word and God’s promises for us while we do life together. We work through a group-selected study every 3-4 months intermixed with time for fun and community service. 



When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Where: 12th & Elizabeth
Children: No
Leaders: Joe & Lisa Crimando
Group Bio: An active older group of married couples and singles. Whether a longtime follower of Jesus, a new believer, or uncertain of what you believe, we welcome you! Join us as we process and study God’s Word together, disciple and care for one another, and challenge ourselves to reflect God’s Kingdom in our neighborhood and city.



When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Where: 8th & Dahlia
Children: No 
Leaders: Hayley Brown, Kaitlynn Massey
Group Bio: We are a semi-new group looking for energetic and passionate women that are looking to build their confidence about their time in the Word and strengthen their relationship with the Holy Spirit. We will be working through 8 weeks of the book A Modern Girls’ Guide to Bible Study and having one week per month of uninterrupted social time as a group. This group would be perfect for someone who is new to personal Bible study or someone who is looking to obtain life-changing study skills that will allow the Word to come alive in their life! Our goal for this group is to encourage spiritual growth while developing meaningful and genuine friendships.



When: Wednesdays, 6:30pm
Where: Yale and Syracuse
Children: No
Leaders: Bobby & Amy Kennedy
Group Bio: We will be a brand-new group this fall that is open to both singles and married couples. It is our hope to cultivate a sense of community within our group that invites authenticity, offers connection, and inspires engagement within the city. We recognize that Denver is a place that brings people together from all walks of life and all reaches of the country, and yet, we also know that Denver is a place where many feel disconnected and lonely. We hope this group can be a place where every person is shown value, and where deep friendships can be formed. We will be meeting on Wednesday evenings in our home to discuss the sermon series, pray, and build friendships with one another, and will spend the last Wednesday of each month sharing a meal. Join us, we would love to have you!



When: Alternating Sundays, 4:30pm, including dinner
Where: Evans & Federal (or in Platt Park near Logan & Louisiana)
Children: Yes
Leaders: Cait Murphy, Cameron & Liz Cannon, Jason & Autumn Gardner
Group Bio: Our group is slightly atypical and strikingly awesome. We emphasize the idea of living life together and recognize that this includes things like boot shopping, kids’ birthday parties, weddings, grocery shopping, food eating, and sometimes whiskey drinking. Our group is super kid-friendly, but we want to extend a special invitation to anyone with gray hair, underage driver's licenses, one income, and also those with no kids to come hang out with us. We meet every other week, for a longer than average time, because we have potluck style dinners (often GF, DF, and nut free); then, we spend time in study and prayer together. We cannot guarantee you will have fun, but you will at least have an average-awkward-good time with us.



When: Thursdays, 6:30pm
Where: 40th & Walnut 
Children: No
Leaders: Garred & Joy Whalen
Group Bio: We’re a mixed crew of singles and couples that strive to incorporate the Gospel into daily living, while also having dialogue that moves people toward active faith and growing Christ-reliance. Our group most often follows the sermon topics for discussions, and we love exploring this city during Sunday lunches, monthly girls' nights, and man breakfasts. We have two overly-involved cats who are warming your chair. Our group will strive to stay organized, plan in advance, and care for each other's needs. 



When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Where: 26th & Grove
Children: No
Leaders: Ian & Bethany Smith
Group Bio: Our group is about studying the Bible together, encouraging one another through prayer, and enjoying time together through social nights and other fun activities. This semester, we'll be focusing our discussion on the sermon series and indulging in good food, and a trivia night or two. We're passionate about building community and spreading the Gospel all over Denver!



When: Sundays, 6pm
Where: 1000 S. Broadway 
Children: Yes, none currently but open. 
Leaders: Danny & Jaicee Morgan
Group Bio: We are a new group launching on South Broadway! Our leaders are young married couples without kids although we are open to anyone and everyone! We enjoy talking about theology and about current books we are reading or hope to get into too. We enjoy digging into one another’s stories and building deep relationships through casual friendships. We have some SUPers, fly fishermen, people with dogs, and photographers. We hope to find things we enjoy doing together during the week such as going to taco Tuesday, hiking a 14er, camping, and frisbee in the park. Help us make this a group of awesome friends!



When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Where: Stapleton Central Park North
Children: Yes
Leaders: Rich & Sarah Tiongco
Group Bio: We want to create a group environment where we have a safe place to admit our weaknesses, be encouraged in our gifts, and have meaningful conversations around our growth. Most importantly we want to do this as we intentionally pursue God who is worthy of being pursued. Let’s laugh a good laugh and cry a good cry together. We desire to be a blessing to each other through deeper, more meaningful friendships. 



Leaders: Ethan & Michelle Sanders
Group Bio: Our group is participating in the Re:Engage marriage enrichment program this fall. We are also hosting a few social events throughout the semester. Please let us know if you are near Stapleton, and we'd love to help you with finding a group to plug into!



When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Where: 108th and Simms 
Children: Yes 
Leaders: Shane & Alison Kroening, Josh & Angela Garrett
Group Bio: A brand new group in Westminster/Broomfield area, we are excited to invite others into our homes to learn, grow, and fellowship together. We strive to provide a connection between everyday life and our Faith in order to continually develop our relationships with the Lord and others. We love diving into studies, enjoying delicious meals, hanging out at local spots, spending time outdoors, laughing, and living life with other fantastic people. We welcome anyone and everyone into our group!



When: Thursdays, 6:30pm
Where: 38th & Pierce
Children: Yes. We have a couple of young kids and rotate childcare responsibilities among members.  
Leaders: Allen & Meghan Chaney, Josh & Rachel Allen
Group Bio: Our group wants to create a fun and missionally engaged community on the west side of town. We hope to develop friendships and see the Gospel impact our lives as we live together. We welcome anyone in any life stage. We desire to grow and be sharpened by the truths that are revealed in God’s Word.